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Under a starry sky

I think of them,
all of those who stood before me
by this fire and the starry sky
how my fears were spoken for me
long before I, also, uttered «Why»?
How their hopes can still adorn me
when my hopes are broken for me
and the rivers’ river has gone dry.

I think of them,
their worries and their weeping wisdom
and the wild imagination without words
I think of how they uttered «Here, take this, some
questions without answers
that we’ve broken up in thirds.»

The first is, do you hear what wasn’t said between us
that time when all our pending riddles were uncloaked and kept
in a keepsake with some godforsaken god who hadn’t seen us
when we left eachother’s wills and wept and wept.

The second is, there is much more we’ll never know:
From where the solar winds? From where the snow?
From where this human by this fire, and also whence the hidden sun?
I stand and think they too were riddled: What is this death and how has it all begun?

The third of questions that were given as a gift I cannot see
is something was and wasn’t there between us, it wil forever puzzle me,
a tale of tales as old as stars and Mars and Venus:
how the story ended long before the story even came to be.

I think of them,
all those who made a fire that went out at night
who stood and shivered lonely here and now
and thought my god, this life is bright
who also wondered why
and whence and how
and said: «I’ll die
but first I’ll bow
and then I’ll tie
a ribbon to this kite.»
Then I will go and also stay
for nothing lasts and all is lost
along this way that is the way
a path that no-one made and all has crossed.


(c) Silje Ryvold, 2018

Bildene her og denne teksten er fra natt nr 20, som gikk til Tverrfjellvatnet 12. oktober. Det var en helt magisk tur. Kanskje den beste noengang. En lengre bloggrapport pluss flere bilder kommer! For de utålmodige så ligger det en hel story fra turen på Instagram 🙂

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    Hei alle sammen, folkens! Jeg vet, meldingen min kan være for spesifikk,
    Men søsteren min fant en hyggelig mann her og de giftet seg, så hva med meg?! 🙂
    Jeg er 25 år gammel, Maria, fra Romania, kan også engelsk og russisk språk
    Og… jeg har en spesifikk sykdom, kalt nymfomani. Hvem vet hva dette er, kan forstå meg (bedre å si det umiddelbart)
    Ah ja, jeg lager veldig velsmakende! og jeg elsker ikke bare å lage mat ;))
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    Ηei аllе sammen, folkеns! Jeg vеt, meldingen min kаn værе fоr sрesifikk,
    Mеn søstеrеn min fаnt еn hуggelig mаnn her оg de giftеt seg, så һva med mеg?! 🙂
    Jеg er 25 år gammel, Isabella, fra Rоmаniа, kan оgså engеlsk og russisk språk
    0g… jеg har еn sреsifikk sуkdоm, kalt nуmfоmаni. Ηvem vеt hvа dettе er, kan forstå mеg (bedre å si det umiddеlbаrt)
    Ah ja, jeg lager vеldig vеlsmakendе! og jeg elskеr ikke bаrе å lagе mat ;))
    Jеg еr еn ekte jеntе, ikke prostituеrt, оg ser ettеr еt seriøst оg vаrmt forhоld…
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